Fifty per cent of the output of FinEst-Hall Baltic OÜ is exported and 50% is sold in Estonia, helping local companies improve their business conditions. We solve space constraint for customers operating in the field of logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, construction and retail.

We use fire-resistant and UV-resistant coverings weighing 890-900 g/m². Interior coverings of the same type can also be ordered; these weigh 500-550 g/m².

We employee staff with superb work experience who are familiar with all of the current rules and regulations. We perform our work at a time that suits you.

We offer design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, relocation and expansion service for PVC hangars.



FinEst-Hall is a company specializing in production, installation and maintenance of PVC hangars, with experience in the field going back to 2005. PVC hangars are the fastest, easiest and most economical expansion solution when you need room for storage of goods, materials or equipment.

We manufacture hangars and production or warehouse structures as well as other PVC products ranging from PVC curtains to swimming pool covers. We offer full service: we design, manufacture, install, maintain, relocate and expand our PVC structures. Taking into account typical snow and wind loads at the location, the frames of our PVC structures are galvanized and made from strong steel elements, allowing them to withstand challenging weather conditions. After the frame is installed, the hangar is covered with fire-resistant and durable PVC covering.

It takes about two months from the moment we receive your order to delivering the erected building. A PVC hangar is essentially a mobile solution, which means it is easy to move, relocated and expand up to the thousands of square metres.

We use only high-quality PVC coverings that can withstand weather conditions and are not a fire risk.