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PVC fabric for exterior constructions

We use high-quality, almost maintenance-free PVC fabric that exceeds many other coverings materials in terms of lifespan. This is a material that meets the following requirements:


DIN 53363 / 550/550 N Tear strength

EN ISO 1421 / DIN 53354 / 4000/4000 N/5cm Tensile strength

SFS-EN 1876-1 Temperature resistance

EN 13501-1 / DIN 4102 C-S2,d0 Fire resistance

PVC fabric is very strong and ensures protection against all weather, and in the unlikely event that something should happen, it is easy to repair this material. One square metre of PVC weighs 900 grams and the covering material comes in different colours and with different images and logos.

PVC lets through enough light, helping to keep down electrical bills in summer. Ninety-nine per cent hot-dip galvanized steel structures are suitable for seaside areas with salt spray and damp conditions on the edge of wetlands, as zinc stops rust in its tracks. 

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Besides covering materials for hangars, the following can also be ordered from us:

PVC curtains

automotive tents

swimming pool covers

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PVC hangars are the fastest, easiest and most economical expansion solution when you need room for storage of goods, materials or equipment. A PVC hangar is essentially a mobile solution, which means it is easy to move, relocated and expand up to the thousands of square metres. If you see that your company is developing rapidly and needs more space a few years down the road, it is a good idea to erect a hangar with an option of later extension. And if the opposite should happen and you no longer need the building, it can be taken down, sold, erected elsewhere, with little effort.

We offer full service: we design, manufacture, install, maintain, relocate and expand our PVC structures. We control all stages and processes in-house.

Taking into account typical snow and wind loads at the location, the frames of our PVC structures are galvanized and made from strong steel elements, allowing them to withstand challenging weather conditions. After the frame is installed, the hangar is covered with fire-resistant and durable PVC covering.
We use only high-quality PVC coverings hat can withstand weather conditions and are not a fire risk