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PVC hangars and awnings made with your needs in mind!

Made with your needs in mind!

Durable Durable
Rapid installation Rapid installation
Removable Removable


400 000 m² Warehouse spaces covered

250 Hangars installed

254 500 Bolts fastened

Our services

PVC hangars

PVC hallid

The hangar frames are made of steel elements and galvanized. After the frame is..

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Like a PVC hall, the awning is also suitable for storing goods!

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The factory-made hangar modules of are assembled on the construction site. The installation is done by crane,

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We offer maintenance service for the hangars we install. We clean, repair and if necessary replace damaged PVC coverings.

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Metal Processing

Plasma cutting

ESAB Combirex DX 3000 plasma cutting bench that ensures cutting quality.

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Tube laser

High productivity Lasertube System ADIGE LT8.20. 3D fiber laser.

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PVC hangars are the fastest, easiest and most economical expansion solution when you need room for storage of goods, materials or equipment. A PVC hangar is essentially a mobile solution, which means it is easy to move, relocated and expand up to the thousands of square metres. If you see that your company is developing rapidly and needs more space a few years down the road, it is a good idea to erect a hangar with an option of later extension. And if the opposite should happen and you no longer need the building, it can be taken down, sold, erected elsewhere, with little effort.

We offer full service: we design, manufacture, install, maintain, relocate and expand our PVC structures. We control all stages and processes in-house.

Taking into account typical snow and wind loads at the location, the frames of our PVC structures are galvanized and made from strong steel elements, allowing them to withstand challenging weather conditions. After the frame is installed, the hangar is covered with fire-resistant and durable PVC covering.
We use only high-quality PVC coverings that can withstand weather conditions and are not a fire risk.

Recently completed

We have produced and installed around 100 PVC buildings.

Have a look at some of the work we have done!

Finest-Halli PVC hall Impeerium OÜ-le
Location Sillaotsa

Impeerium PVC hall 20 x 44m, H/6 – 880 m²

For Impeerium OÜ Details Details
Finest-Halli PVC hall RGR Metall OÜ-le
Location Maardu

RGR Metall PVC hall 20 x 75m, H/6 – 1500 m²

For RGR Metall OÜ Details Details
Finest-Halli PVC hall Viafin Service Oyj-le Soomes
Location Kurikka

Viafin PVC hall 10 x 24,5m, H/5 – 245 m²

For Viafin Service Oyj Details Details
Finest-Halli roheline PVC hall y-le
Location Mikkeli

Kivijoen Vihannes PVC hall 12 x 28m, H/5 – 336 m²

For Kivijoen Vihannes Oy Details Details

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