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Automation of bulk storage halls

By Finest-Hall

Bulk hangar

The automation of bulk storage halls is an actual technological dance where electronics and smartness come together to make these warehouses indeed efficient and modern. That involves integrating versatile systems such as lighting, ventilation, and safety systems to ensure the smooth and optimized operation of the building according to environmental conditions and user needs. Automation of bulk warehouses not only increases energy efficiency and labor productivity but also ensures building security and provides users with a comfortable and modern working environment.

1. What does the automation of the bulk storage hall mean?

Automation is an essential step in the modernization of industrial facilities. It includes integrating versatile systems that enable the automation and optimization of building functions. On a large scale, the automation of bulk storage halls means creating various systems in the building, which allows the hall to function automatically. It includes a variety of functions; for example, it can consist of automatic doors that open and close according to movement, a lighting system that adjusts itself according to the time of day and the presence of the user, ventilation control, and fire safety with Fire Alarm systems.

2. What are the different solutions for PVC Hall automation?

There are several solutions for automating PVC halls, and they are adaptable to specific needs. Starting, for example, with automatic doors that open automatically when a vehicle approaches, automatic lighting that works on low light and motion sensors, or humidity and temperature sensors that turn on ventilation when humidity levels or excessive temperature rises. ATS “Automatic fire alarm” is required, which sends a message to the phone in the event of an alarm or calls the Rescue Board when connected to the control center. In addition, elevators/conveyors, depending on the specifics of the production, can be installed, which, for example, evenly distribute the stored bulk material into the building.

3. How do the topics “automation of bulk storage halls” and PVC hall automation go together?

It does not matter whether it is a bulk storage hall or just an ordinary PVC hall; both can be automated without a doubt. Automation of bulk PVC halls and PVC halls plays a vital role in ensuring production efficiency and safety. In fact, the PVC hall is similar in its nature and purpose to other warehouses. The difference is only in the materials from which the building is made; functions are still the same. The automation of bulk storage halls and PVC halls is the same, as the automation takes place regardless of the type of building and focuses on similar functions, such as lighting, ventilation, and fire safety.

4. Why is it good to automate your PVC hall?

Automation of PVC halls brings several advantages, especially the advantage in energy consumption if lighting and ventilation are automated. Switching the ventilation on and off is often neglected because it is not known how high the humidity level is in the building at that particular moment. When the building is warm and the temperature drops at night, condensation often forms in spring. Monitoring humidity levels is usually paid little attention, and it seems safer to leave the fans running for weeks. The energy consumption is impressive since many fans are even 2-3kw, and there are often 3-5 of them in the PVC hall (depending on the size of the PVC hall).

The same applies to lighting; lighting automation can significantly reduce electricity costs and environmental impact. All kinds of elevators and lines help speed up and simplify work and save labor costs. If something can be automated, it makes sense to do it because it ensures the most efficient functioning of the system.

Conveyor passage in Warmeston bulk storage PVC hall
Conveyor passage in bulk storage PVC hall
Conveyor passage in bulk storage PVC hall
Conveyor passage in bulk storage PVC hall

5. What should be taken into account when planning PVC hall automation?

When planning the automation of the PVC hall, the unique features and needs of the materials used in the building should be considered. For example, storing certain materials may require a unique ventilation system to maintain quality and safety. You also have to think about the size of the PVC hall and the general needs and requirements of the warehouse.

6. Is it also possible to automate the existing PVC hall?

Yes, automating an existing PVC hall can be a sustainable investment that improves the functionality and value of the building. You can always add different sensors that will automatically switch various systems. Generally, this means extra electrical work. For example, automatic doors and lighting systems can be added to an existing hall, increasing ease of use and energy efficiency. All kinds of lines and elevators can always be routed through the walls, and the passages can be made watertight.

7. If the purpose of the PVC hall changes, is it possible to remove the automation (conveyor/elevator)?

Just as automation can be added, it can invariably be removed. The advantage of PVC Hall is that the building can be moved, for example, or sold outright, along with all the equipment installed. It is possible to patch all the made-throughs; the cover can be switched, changed, etc. It is also possible to add/remove structures, redo them, etc. It all depends on what the need is at the moment.